Crooked Lane Books

Crooked Lane Books publishes today’s most gripping crime fiction: mysteries, thrillers, and suspense novels. From high-concept thrillers and white-knuckled suspense to traditional mysteries and literary crime, CLB titles consistently deliver driving plots, engaging characters, and stunning twists from the most talented authors on the scene.

Crooked Lane Catalog - World English Spring/Summer 2020

Crooked Lane Catalog - Translation Rights Spring/Summer 2020

Mina Hardy
After All I've Done

Alcove Press

An Imprint of Crooked Lane

Alcove Press is dedicated to publishing upmarket “book club” fiction that highlights women’s experiences and perspectives, and speaks to the depth and breadth of issues women face in today’s world. Their curated list embraces stories of journey, self-discovery, and connection from new voices as well as established and bestselling writers. Stories to share!

Kristin Bair
Agatha Arch is Afraid of Everything

Pegasus Books

Pegasus is dedicated to the aim of independent publishing that stimulates both the intellect and the imagination — be it history or philosophy, memoir or biography, literary fiction or noir thrillers. With a deeply-rooted convict that good literature is essential to the health of our cultural life, Pegasus expects their books to be no less relevant twenty-five years from now as they are today.

Pegasus Books Fall 2020 Catalog

Pegasus Books Summer 2020 Catalog

Annie Lampman
Sins of the Bees

Pegasus Crime

An Imprint of Pegasus Books

Pegasus Crime specializes in crime fiction, mystery novels, police procedurals, espionage thrillers, and paranormal suspense. In addition to international superstarts Camilla Lackberg (Sweden), Sara Blaedel (Denmark), Charlotte Link (Germany), Marco Vichi (Italy), and Hollly Luhning (Canada), Pegasus Crime proudly offers Chris Grabenstein, R.J. Jagger, James McGee, Thomas Cook, Dan Smith, and R.B. Chesterson..

Pegasus Books Fall 2020 Catalog

Matthew Hart
The Russian Pink

Polis Books

Polis Books was founded in 2013 by Jason Pinter, who has worked in editorial, marketing and publicity for publishers both large and small — Warner Books, Random House, St. Martin's Press, Grove/Atlantic, Mysterious Press — and is also the bestselling author of six novels: five Henry Parker thrillers (nominated for the Thriller Award, Strand Critics Award, Shamus Award, CrimeSpree Award and RT Reviewers Choice Award) and Zeke Bartholomew: Superspy! for Middle Grade readers. Polis Books delivers all the service and professionalism of a major trade publishing house with the innovation and speed necessary to thrive in a rapidly-changing book market. The Polis sweet spot is crime/mystery/thriller but they also offer Women’s Fiction, Middle Grade and Young Adult, Science Fiction, and select Nonfiction.

Polis/Agora 2020 Catalog

Meghan Holloway
Hunting Ground


An Imprint of Polis Books

Agora is a new imprint from Polis Books focusing on diversity in crime novels. Agora books will deliver crime in the context of the most important issues of our time: societal, economic, political, and cultural, racial, and gender in unique and different ways, from a roster of diverse authors from varying backgrounds.

Polis/Agora 2020 Catalog

Gabino Iglesias, ed.
Both Sides


Established by Otto Penzler in early 2018, Penzler Publishers comprises AMERICAN MYSTERY CLASSICS, newly-reissued mystery and detective fiction from the genre’s golden years between the first and second World Wars, and SCARLET, devoted to psychological suspense for female readers.

Penzler Publishers Fall 2020 Catalog

Mysterious Press

An Imprint of Penzler Publishers

Otto Penzler, proprietor of The Mysterious Bookshop in TriBeCa, founded The MysteriousPress in 1975. Devoted to the very best in mystery, crime and suspense -- and using fine paper and top dust jacket artists, as well as offering many limited, signed editions -- Mysterious Press published such best-selling authors as James Ellroy, P.D. James, Donald E. Westlake, Eric Ambler, Ross Macdonald, Isaac Asimov, Ed McBain, Kingsley Amis, and Elmore Leonard. Now, Mysterious Press has gone digital — putting out books through in conduction with Open Road Integrated Media to bring currently out of print classic fiction (still in copyright) to new audiences in digital reading formats, as well as publishing original novels by previously published authors and discovering talented newcomers.

American Mystery Classics 2020 Catalog

Mysterious Press Rights List

John Pachter, ed.
The Misadventures of
Nero Wolfe


An Imprint of Penzler Publishers

Otto Penzler and Pegasus Books have joined forces to partner on Scarlet, a pedigreed new publishing company that will focus on publishing psychological suspense with primarily female readers in mind. Psychological suspense that features complex women—whether they are the protagonist or the villain or somewhere in between—is the most dynamic category in popular fiction worldwide.

Scarlet/Penzler Fall 2020 Catalog

Stéphanie Buelens
An Inconvenient Woman

American Mystery Classics

An Imprint of Penzler Publishers

Newly-reissued mystery and detective fiction from the years between the first and second World Wars -- the genre’s Golden Age. AMC’s curated titles include celebrated classics by Erle Stanley Gardner, Ellery Queen, and Mary Roberts Rinehart, and many more.

American Mystery Classics Spring/Summer 2020 Catalog

Joel Townsley Rogers
The Red Right Hand

Skyhorse Publishing

Skyhorse offers a wealth of practical nonfiction books in all categories including sports, adventure, nature, politics, true crime, history and military history, reference, and humor— plus fiction both literary and commercial. Skyhorse imprints include Arcade, Allworth, Sports Publishing, and Sky Pony. You'll find what you're looking for on the Skyhorse list.

Skyhorse Publishing Fall 2020 Catalog

The World Almanac
Book of Facts 2021

Arcade Publishing

An Imprint of Skyhorse Publishing

For 25 years Arcade has charted a brave course that ranges far afield geographically in search of new authors, new projects, and new ideas. Flying in the face of a marketplace that favors the tried and true over the new or challenging, Arcade has published more than 500 extraordinary works by 252 authors from 31 different countries, discovering dozens of new voices, and building an enviable backlist that generates more than 25% of their annual volume.

Arcade Publishing Fall 2020 Catalog

Shavaun Mara Kidd, ed.
Searching for the Snow Leopard


An Imprint of Skyhorse Publishing

Good Books has been an imprint of SKYHORSE Publishing since 2014, when it was acquired from founders Merle and Phyllis Good. We continue to publish cookbooks, country living titles, craft books, Amish and other Christian titles, and books that focus on justice and peacebuilding, among other topics. We consider quality, reliability, and readability to be the hallmarks of Good Books.

We are the proud publisher of the New York Times bestselling Fix-It and Forget-It series, Amish romance novelist Linda Byler, and The Little Books of Justice & Peacebuilding series in collaboration with the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding.

Good Books Fall 2020 Catalog

Abigail Gehring
One Reflection a Day


An Imprint of Skyhorse Publishing

Hot Books - an imprint of SKYHORSE - offers important, newsworthy books curated by editor and bestselling author David Talbot.

Frank Gregory Ford & Eleanor Cooney
Midnight in Samarra


Night Shade & Talos Books - an imprint of SKYHORSE - are a significant publisher of genre fiction that has been honored with the Shirley Jackson, Stoker, World Fantasy, Nebula, and Hugo awards. The lists include some of the most renowned and critically acclaimed names in genre fiction and it is also the place where many new authors find their start.

Nightshade/Talos Fall 2020 Catalog

M H Boroson
The Girl with no Face


An Imprint of Skyhorse Publishing

Racehorse - an imprint of SKYHORSE – publishes across a range of categories including promotional titles, instant books, and classic works of literature.

Racehorse Publishing Fall 2020 Catalog

Beth Rumbo
How to Make Voodoo Dolls

Sky Pony Press

An Imprint of Skyhorse Publishing

Following in the footsteps of parent company SKYHORSE, the Sky Pony does not view its potential readers as generic age groups, but rather as individual children, each with specific talents and needs and a wide variety of interests. Sky Pony publishes a broad range of subject matter in celebration of this diversity: fiction, picture books, educational books, novelty books, and reissues of well-loved classics.

Skypony Press Fall 2020 Catalog

The World Almanac
5,001 Incredible Facts for Kids

Sports Publishing

An Imprint of Skyhorse Publishing

For more than twenty years, Sports Publishing has done an outstanding job recognizing and fulfilling the demand for sports titles of both regional and national interest. Now under the SKYHORSE brand, Sports Publishing continues to capture the excitement of major sporting events as well as the most compelling stories from both on and off the playing fields, injecting a measure of the maverick energy that has helped make Skyhorse the fastest-growing independent publisher in the United States. Skyhorse will breathe new life into many of the best-loved and best-selling books on the Sports Publishing backlist, as they invigorate the imprint with new books on individual teams, prominent sports personalities, and instant books on newly-crowned champions..

Sports Publishing Fall 2020 Catalog

Sean Deveny, ed.
Remembering Kobe Bryant

Dover Publications

Founded in 1941, Dover makes out-of-print titles available at significantly low retail prices. Classic reprints include math and science texts, books on a variety of arts -- from fine art to architecture, photographic histories, and music scores. Dover's original publishing program has grown rapidly to include children's books (from activity to literature and the latest trends), Calla Editions of sumptuously illustrated books, math and science titles in their Aurora imprint, and the best in craft — from adult coloring books to knitting to paper craft, origami, wood-working, and crochet.

Dover Publications Catalog - Spring/Summer 2020

Victoria Price
Living Love

Entrepeneur Press

Entrepreneur Press, a leading publisher in the business category publishes print and digital books that provide aspiring, emerging, and growing entrepreneurs with actionalble solutions to every business challenge – ultimately leading them from business idea to business success. EP is a division of Entrepreneur Media, Inc., the premier content provider for and about entrepreneurs; after 31 years, nobody reaches more growing businesses.

Entrepeneur Press 2020 Catalog

Napoleon Hill
Napoleon Hill's First Editions

Levine Querido

Our newest addition features extraordinary Picture Books, Poetry, Novels, Nonfiction, and Graphic Novels characterized by great storytelling, undeniably powerful and beautiful artwork, and a fearless commitment to telling deep truths (that may sometimes make you laugh along the way).

Levine Querido Launch Presentation

Daniel Nayeri
Everything Sad is Untrue

Riverdale Avenue Books

RAB is at the leading edge of the changes in the publishing industry. They publish ebooks and audio books weekly under five imprints: RIVERDALE POP for pop culture titles; RIVERDALE/MAGNUS BOOKS, a leading imprint for LGBT titles; RIVERDALE HSF, a line of horror, science fiction, and fantasy titles; RIVERDALE TRUTH, an erotic memoir line; RIVERDALE DESIRE, an erotica and erotic romance imprint; RIVERDALE GAMING, a line of game-related titles; and RIVERDALE SPORTS for titles in that category. Created to give readers the same immediate gratifiction they have come to expect form all forms of entertainment, each RB imprint represents a genre that is consumable and keeps readers coming back for more.

Rory Ni Coileain
Stone Cold

Tilbury House Publishers

Award-winning children’s picture books about cultural diversity, social justice, nature, and the environment.

Tilbury House Fall 2020 Catalog

Jo Ellen Bogart
Little Blue House Beside the Sea

Ulysses Press

Named two years in a row as one of Publisher’s Weekly’s ten “fastest-growing small publishers,” Ulysses Press consistently reinvents the relationship between reader, author and publisher. Beyond market-driven, Ulysses Press focuses on highly targeted niche groups that aren’t being offered the books they want by the big corporate-owned New York houses. As pop culture changes at the speed of the Internet, books have a powerful role to play in the interconnected world. Ulysses Press printed books have staying power and youthful appeal.

Ulysses Press Summer 2020 New Titles

Lisa Orbé-Austin, PhD & Richard Orbé-Austin, PhD
Own Your Greatness